1. RAISE THE WOOF!!’ It’s Lucky Dog Bake Sale Time!

    The cats are ‘raisin’ the woof’ for our yearly contribution to help out our furry friends over at Lucky Dog Rescue!

    Fat Cat Creamery is teaming up with Fluff Bake Bar to help raise funds by making our special Chocolate-covered Cherry in Vanilla ice cream for the Fluff Bake Bar’s Valentine Bake Sale, so you know it’s gonna be a sweet treat for your sweet..tie? (Erm…you know what we mean!)

    To place your order, just click on the (above) menu, and it will bring you right where you need to be, so you can ‘raise the woof’, too!

    Additional deets:
    * Pick-ups for orders will be at Kraftsmen Baking (611 W. 22nd St. in the Heights) on February 13th and 14th.
    (you aren’t walking in empty-handed this time!)

    ** Also, if you or someone you know can help with pick-ups, please email Lucky Dog Rescue directly: luckyrescue@gmail.com

    ***Just don’t feed Chocolate-covered Cherry ice cream to your actual canine friends, as dogs + chocolate do NOT mix well.

    But you know what does?

    Cats + Dogs = <3 (especially for Valentine’s Day!)

    flyer via Lucky Dog Rescue

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  2. UPDATE | Pop-up Bake Sale Rescheduled

    The lovely and talented Jodi Elliott had something unchangeable pop up, but don’t fret!
    She will be joining forces with us later this year for the Pop-Up Bake Sale at the shop.
    Luckily, H-town has lots of sunny days ahead for an awesome future pop up.

    The cats will be keeping you posted!

    PS: We promise not to say ‘pop up’ again…at least until the actual pop-up.
    Whoops, kitty! OK, that was it, we promise!

    Meow! the cats


  3. Jodi Elliott of Austin’s Foreign & Domestic to host Pop-Up Bake Sale at Fat Cat Creamery!

    Happy 2014, ya’ll!

    Hopefully, you’ve come by for a visit to the shop, but if you haven’t yet, we have a super special treat in store for everyone.

    The pics above are showing what the Houston cats are getting ready for when Jodi Elliott, pastry chef of Austin’s Foreign & Domestic,
    comes to host a pop up sale at our very own parlour on January 19th!

    (Did we mention she was voted The People’s Best New Pastry Chef of 2013 by Food & Wine Magazine?)

    Talk about Kitty. Mind. Blown.

    So get here early for an extra special combo of baked and frozen treats!

    What: Pop-up Bake Sale, hosted by Foreign & Domestic’s Jodi Elliott

    Where: Fat Cat Creamery! 1901 N. Shepherd Drive

    When: Sunday, January 19 @10 am

    If you’re on the fence about coming, check out this slideshow of a previous F&D Bake Sale, and you know,
    never mind about that New Years Resolution thingy.


    xo the cats

    images by Crystal Esquivel via Foreign & Domestic

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    It’s official! The Fat Cat Creamery Ice Cream parlour is open and ready to serve you, and us cats couldn’t be more excited!!! 

    Thanks for coming out Saturday—a fun time was had by all!

    If you didn’t get a chance, the awesome thing is that we’re still gonna be here :) 

    Come by 1901 Shepherd for a visit and a treat!


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  5. Hooooorrraaayyyy! Happy First Fat Cat Day! #fatcatcreamery (at Fat Cat Creamery)



    Hey cats! Reminding you to come out to the Pop Shop Houston Holiday Shop at Silver Street Studios this weekend!

    Also, us cats meowed on about a contest last time, so here are the deets of the full-on-fun:

    Show us your best Black Cat Friday Face!

    Snap a selfie with your best Black Cat Friday face holding your sweet Fat Cat Creamery treats with the hashtag #blackcatfri
    and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance to win one of 2 prizes.

    1st prize: Win a you+1 invite to attend Fat Cat Creamery’s Friends and Family night at the shop!

    2nd prize: Win a voucher for a FREE ice cream cone or soda at Fat Cat Creamery when we’re officially open!

    Winners will be contacted within the week via whatever social media channel your #blackcatfri face is posted!

    So stop by the cart and show us cats what you got! MEOW! 

    image + event deets via Pop Shop Houston


  7. JOIN THE CATS ! @ POP SHOP HOUSTON HOLIDAY 2013! | November 29 - 30 @ 12 - 8pm

    Cats: Wow, I can’t believe it’s November already! So, are you ready for Black Friday shopping?

    You: No! Why would I be?! The malls…the lines…
    The typical “I couldn’t find you anything cool or unique so I got you this gift card instead…” 

    Le sigh.

    Cats: It doesn’t have to be that way! 

    You: What the whaa??

    Cats: POP SHOP HOUSTON HOLIDAY SHOP!!! We’ll be there!

    You: Awesome! Tell me about it! (Also, can you stop yelling? I’m right here.)

    Cats: Better yet, here’s the flyer + info

    **While you’re getting your ‘shop’ on for unique, crafted and handmade goods,  treat yo’self and grab a scoop at the cart!
    We’ll have a special flavored ice-cream sammie for the holidays, and…a superfun photo contest with a delicious prize!
    Stop by the cart for deets! Oh, and the cats will stop yelling, we promise! MEOWWW** 

    Pop Shop Houston site and Facebook for more details | flyer pic via FB

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  8. In other ice cream related news…

    As the cats are hard at work, putting the finishing touches on the parlour, we thought we’d share a little light reading to hold you over :)

    UK company Lick Me I’m Delicious (first of all, how awesome is that name, amiright?) created glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

    So, what’s the secret ingredient to its phosphorescence (aka glowy power), you ask?

    Oh I don’t know, just a little bit of jellyfish protein (mmmmm, tasty!).

    That’s fine, right? You don’t have to eat it, just admire it from afar or hold the cone at a birthday party or a band encore or
    whatever you do with $225 desserts.


    Because the protein’s pH is activated by your tongue, basically the more you lick it, the more it glows.

    The verdict is still out for the cats—we’re not sure how we feel about all that jellyfish mixing with our hairballs. Would you try it? 

    Still curious? Read more here.

    Lick Me I’m Delicious | image via thrillist | snowball 2

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  9. THE SCOOP | Window teaser!

    Us cats can’t wait to be on the other side of our lovely new window, scoopin’ and soft servin’ for our parlour patrons!

    Full update on the opening coming soon

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  10. THE BEST OF HOUSTON PRESS 2013 | Best Ice Cream/Gelato 2013 = FAT CAT CREAMERY!!!

    What the what!

    Us cats are dang honored and super thankful to be voted the Best of Ice Cream/Gelato in The Best of Houston Press 2013 Awards

    Read the full meow-out here

    We hope you’ll continue join us cats for a meow-thful of ice-creamy goodness at the shop soon, or where ever our FCC cart is parked. 

    With lots of Houston pride and love, 

    xo the cats

    pix via houston press | best of houston press | best of ice cream/gelato 

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